2022 RV Retail Catalog

Products 2022 Power Pro Max™ Portable Pressure Washer This lightweight, battery-operated power cleaner has versatile water source options. You can drop the hose in a bucket of water, a pool or lake and start cleaning. No fuel tanks or power cords required.Now you have the freedom to clean where you want, when you want with less hassle and total ease. See page 07-15 for more information. 02-3334 2020217218 Cleaners and Odor Remover You can trust Un-Duz-It™ professional solutions to save time for the most important things in life! DIYMold Test Kit And Adhesive Remover See page 07-14 for more information. See page 07-19 for more information. See page 07-13 for more information. 03-2729 124577 Kill Odor+ 03-2728 124576 Pet Odor and Stain Remover 03-2734 124708 Black Streak Remover 03-2737 124722 Boat & RV Wash 13-1238 FG653 Adhesive Remover 02-6778 FG500 DIY Mold Test Kit 03-2740 SFRVCHEQ04 RV And Camper Cleaner Exterior Cleaners & Brushes Life on the road can cause RV’s to get dirty quick! Dicor’s new, complete line of exterior RV cleaning care products are here to help. The full range of cleaning supplies will provide everything necessary for a spotless shine from the roof to the wheels 00-07