2022 RV Retail Catalog

Products 2022 Gator Sewer Hose Kits • Pliable hose recovers from crushing • 24 Mil polypropylene withstands abrasions • Clear elbow shows when tank is empty • Reinforced with resilient polymer ribbing • Twist-lock fittings with gaskets See page 14-22 for more information. 02-8558 22006 20’ Sewer Hose Kit Furrion Chill® Travel and explore in five-star comfort with the Furrion Chill. Aerodynamically designed, mid-profile and powerful, this air conditioning system brings high cooling capacity and ultra-quiet operation to life …RV life. Boiler Antifreeze Works in Aqua-Hot ® and Hydro-Hot ® systems as a heat transfer fluid, and is perfect for use in traditional boilers, closed boilers, and solar systems. Ethanol-free, safe, odorless, tasteless, and nonflammable premium hydronic heating and cooling system fluid. Made from virgin propylene glycol contains premium corrosion inhibitors to protect internal components. It’s formulated to have a high specific heat and boiling point, and provides burst protection down to -100 degree Fahrenheit at full strength. See page 13-11 for more information. See page 13-60 for more information. 07-0715 111117 14.5k Rooftop AC, Black 89-8624 032700 1 gal. Destination RV The most powerful booster for RVs with up to 65dB max gain. Reaches the farthest cell towers with a telescoping outside directional antenna. Perfect for longer stays at one campsite See page 12-13 for more information. 01-1324 470159 00-09