2022 RV Retail Catalog

CHEF’S SPATULA SET Includes a deluxe pancake flipper and a heavyduty turner/scraper. Stainless steel, beveled edges and long blades get under food much easier than standard spatulas. 03-0925 SPSET Chef’s Spatula Set Includes fork, tongs, 4 in 1 spatula that flips, slices, tenderizers and opens bottles. Mirror polished, stainless steel. 13-2401 02295YNST Tool Set 3-PIECE STAINLESS STEEL TOOL SET Safely contain your campfire. Steel ring accommodates a natural wood fire. Unfolds and assembles easily with no tools. 27” W x 8.625” H 06-0111 51091 Campfire Ring PORTABLE CAMPFIRE RING COOKING IRON STORAGE BAG CAST IRON CLEANERS/CONDITIONERS CAST IRON SANDWICH COOKER The #1 pie iron loved by camp cookers! Large cooking cavity makes terrific sandwiches and desserts without wasting bread. Solid cast iron. 28” overall length. 03-0030 1705 Cast Iron Cooker Heavy cotton canvas bag holds 3 or 4 pie irons. Bag unzips on 3 sides for easy access. 30” x 10”. 03-0035 1998 Pie Iron Bag Cast Iron Cleaner has a special blend of all natural oils and cleaning agents that break down sugars and other food particles. Won’t damage the finish of cast iron cookware, and it’s safe to use on all seasoned and enamel pieces. Cast Iron Conditioner is recommended by world champion Dutch oven chefs. Seasons cast iron Dutch ovens, grill grates, griddles, and skillets. Made of all natural oils, this conditioner creates a natural, easy release. 13-1910 CSC8 Cast Iron Conditioner 13-1909 CIC8 Cast Iron Cleaner FLEXSTRIKER LIGHTER WIND RESISTANT SUPERSTRIKER COMPACT GAS LIGHTER Lighter features a gas level sight window and an adjustable flame. Refillable. 03-0310 2020-CR Lighter Premium lighter featuring a completely flexible flame tube, an adjustable flame, large fuel capacity, Ergonomic styling, child-resistant safety lock, fuel level viewing window and handy storage eye. 03-0906 3040CR-BP Flexstriker Wind resistant lighter has the largest fuel capacity on the market. Includes an adjustable flame, child-resistant safety lock, fuel level viewing window and handy storage eye. 03-0909 1055WCR-BP Superstriker OUTDOOR LIVING Campfire Cooking Accessories, Lighters 01-28 2022