2022 RV Retail Catalog

RV GENERATORS POWERING YOU THROUGH LIFE’S ADVENTURES • Designed for truck campers, travel trailers, and class B vans • Lower vibration levels - 89% better at full load • Lower noise levels - 63dB at no load • Pure sine wave inverter output • Returnless EFI- no carburetor varnishing • High efficiency - 50% improvement at half load (2.8) • Longer run time- 20% improvement at half load (2.5) Onan QG 2800i/ 2500i - NEW • Designed for Class A and Class C motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers • Low noise levels - 68 dBa • Microprocessor control with diagnostics • Lightweight and compact • OHV engine for efficiency Onan QG 3600 LP/4000 • Designed for Class A motorhomes, fifth wheels, and travel trailers • Quietest in its class with exceptionally low vibration levels • Integrated design with enclosed muffler for easy installation • Self-diagnostic capability to simplify troubleshooting • Runs one or two air conditioners with power to spare • Digital voltage regulation for stability as appliance loads change • Gasoline or LP fueled Onan QG 5500 LP/5500/6500 • Designed for Class A motorhomes • Computer-contrilled variable speed operation matches engine speed to load demand, minimizing noise level • Special sound-controlling housing encloses cooling system & muffler • Three-point, fully focalized mounting system reduces vibration • Self-diagnostic capabilities simplify troubleshooting • Runs two air conditioners with power to spare Onan QG 5500 LP/5500/6500 19-3015 4KY-FA/2600100 4000W, Gasoline 19-3013 3.6KY-FA/26120 3600W, LP Vapor 19-3221 4KY/6747 4,000W, Gasoline Evaporative MAINTENANCE KITS AND CARE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE 27-9641 2.8HGLAA-8302A 27-9642 2.8HGLAA-8303A 69-8690 5.5HGJAB-901 5500W, Gasoline 19-3235 5.5HGJAB-1119 5500W, LP Vapor 69-8691 7.0HGJAB-900 7000W, Gasoline 19-3239 6.5HGJAB-904 6500W, LP Vapor 69-0741 5.5HGJAB-7103 5500W, Gasoline Evaporative 19-3223 7.0HGJAB-6756 7000W, Gasoline Evaporative 19-3222 5.5HGJAB-6755 5500W, Gasoline Carb 19-3605 60HDKAH-1044 Quiet Diesel 6000 69-8692 80HDKAK-1046 Quiet Diesel 8000 19-3263 10HDKCA-11506 Quiet Diesel 10000 19-3264 12.5HDKCB-11506 Quiet Diesel 12500 Permanent Mount Generators POWER GENERATION 10-02 2022