2023 RV Retail Catalog

ELECTRONICS Portable & Roof Mounted Satellites In-motion viewing ROADTRIP® T4 Watch live TVwhile parked or traveling. Fast recovery when obstructions cause signal loss. Installs on roof. No setup required each time you park. DISHSD/HD DIRECTV SD BELL SD/HD 04-6503 RT2000Twhite 04-6504 RT2035T black Budget friendly. User friendly. DISH® PLAYMAKER® Portable antenna powered through receiver, only requiring coax cable. Fast acquisition time through a customized receiver interface. Single or dual outputs available. Bundle options include receiver. DISHSD/HD 24-0488 PL-7000 Single white 24-0490 PL-8000 Dual white 24-0491 PL-8035 Dual black Maximum flexibility. CARRYOUT® G3 Portable, ultra-lightweight antenna compatible with multiple providers. Powered over coax through power inserter. No 12 V adapter needed. DISHSD/HD DIRECTV SD BELL SD/HD 71-8393 GM-9000white 71-8394 GM-9035 black Maximum signal coverage PATHWAY® X2 Accesses all DISH satellites on both Western and Eastern Arc orbitals. 18" reflector enables the best reception in all weather conditions. Powered through receiver, only requiring coax cable. DISH SD/HD 24-0097 PA6002R w/receiver WINEGARD APPS MAKE IT EASY! DOWNLOAD FREE Winegard - TV Signal Finder with AR Search for all available TV signals in your current location to find the best antenna positioning. The built-in augmented reality (AR) function makes it easy to avoid obstructions. AR may not work on smartphones without sensors. 24-0489 PL7000R Single wh 62-6732 PL8000R Dual wh 62-6733 PL8035R Dual bl 24-0526 RK-4000 (permanent) 24-0181 TR-1518 (temporary) Portable antenna accessories. RK-4000 Roof Mount Kit. TR-1518 TripodMount. Call for activation and programming: 1-866-593-0348 for DISH 1-888-388-0484 for DIRECTV Bundles 12-05 2023