2022 RV Retail Catalog

SCREW-ON LEVELS REFLECTIVE LEVELS Screw-on levels are adhesive backed and come with screws for permanent mounting. 2/card. 03-0152 28-0141 Screw-on Level, Black 03-0160 28-0142 Screw-on Level, White Bubble is red when not in level, clear when level. Stick on or screw on. 2/card. 03-0121 09915 White, 2/card 19-1554 09916 Never Fade, 2/card GRADUATED LEVELS SCREW-ON LEVELS Graduated levels are easy to read with markings to indicate inches required to level your RV. Install with adhesive back or screws. 2/card. 03-0380 28-0167 Graduated Level, Black 03-0379 28-0166 Graduated Level, White Adhesive back for positioning. Screw holes for permanent mounting. Screws included. 2/card. 03-0202 09025 Screw-on Levels RV STICK-ON LEVELS DECORATIVE RV LEVELS LEVEL MASTER This giant, 11” x 2-3/4” all-in-one RV level provides visual side-to-side and front-to-rear leveling assistance for trailers, Fifth Wheels and motorhomes. Level Master can be viewed from the driver’s seat to help locate the best level location for parking your RV. Each mark on the side-to-side scale indicates one inch of blocking. The adjustable front-to-rear scale can be easily viewed while operating your tongue jack. Easy to install on your trailer or motorhome and adapts to a Fifth Wheel with the 03-0807 bracket. 1 year limited warranty. 03-0198 67200 11” x 3” Level 03-0197 6700 11” x 2-3/4” Level 03-0807 6700BK Fifth Wheel Bracket Kit 03-0813 6780 11” x 2-3/4” Level w/ Fifth Wheel Bracket Kit Simplify campsite setup with Stick-on levels. Installs with adhesive backing (included). 2/card. 03-0407 28-0121 Motorhome, White 03-0406 28-0111 Motorhome, Black 03-0411 28-0122 Trailer, White 03-0410 28-0112 Trailer, Black 03-0415 28-0123 Fifth Wheel, White 03-0414 28-0113 Fifth Wheel, Black REARVIEW LEVELS Levels a travel trailer or Fifth Wheel from the driver’s seat. Mounts on the front of the trailer so it can be seen in the rear-view mirror. Easyto-see leveling ball indicates side-to-side level. A second level allows for front-to-back leveling. 03-8703 04026 Never Fade, 10” x 4” CURB RAMP CURB CUSHION Eliminate jarring and bouncing to your RV. Acts as a ramp, significantly smoothes out the entry and exit of your driveway. Prevents the inside from shifting and sliding, reduces the impact to your Coach and occupants and minimizes wear and tear on suspension and steering components. Heavy-duty recycled rubber. Allows water to flow through. Individual 4’ sections can be added for expanded width. Kit contains 3 sections of 4’ x 20” x 3/8” rubber ramp material, 4 wooden planks and fastening hardware. 15-9111 32048 Curb Cushion Traverse curbs or steps easily with this curb ramp. Light-weight yet strong. May be bolted together for added length. 23”L x 13-1/2”D x 5-3/4”H. 15-0315 33-0111 Curb Ramp Decorative eagle design with 5” wing-span. Easy adhesive peel and stick application. 2/card. 03-0225 02925 Decorative RV Levels JACKS & LEVELERS Levels 20-40 2022