2022 RV Retail Catalog

Included with BrakeMaster models 9060 and 9160, the BrakeAway towed vehicle emergency braking system works in conjunction with your BrakeMaster to bring your towed vehicle to a controlled stop should it ever separate from your motorhome. The BrakeAway is available separately but you must have an installed BrakeMaster system for it to function. 14-6089 8600 BrakeAway kit 88-INCH PATCH CORD Twelve inches longer than the standard BrakeMaster patch cord. 14-0742 921004-88 88-inch patch cord SEAT ADAPTERS — 88XXX Provide a vehicle-specific mounting location to pin the BrakeMaster. Available for most vehicles; required on some applications. Visit your local dealer. 7923 brake line tee BRAKEAWAY ™ TOWED VEHICLE EMERGENCY BRAKING SYSTEM BRAKE PRESSURE REDUCER With the Brake Pressure Reducer, you can install BrakeMaster in a hybrid, a Hummer H3, or in any vehicle with a full-time (‘active’) power braking system — reduced air pressure eliminates over-braking issues. Works in any supplemental braking system that uses pressurized air to brake the towed vehicle. 14-6095 900002 Brake Pressure Reducer METRIC-TO-STANDARD BRAKE LINE TEES Use these tees to install the BrakeMaster 9060 proportioning valve in motorhomes with metric brake lines. 17-0575 7923 Brake Line Tee . For 10 millimeter brake lines. Fits virtually all metric brake lines for this application. 14-6009 7921 Brake Line Tee . For 12 millimeter brake lines. Time Tested • Time Proven 03-0625 9332 12-volt outlet kit 03-0639 9331 6' ext. cord for 12-volt kit INVISIBRAKE PULLEY MOUNTING BRACKET If there is no flat surface to mount the InvisiBrake pulley due to curves, recesses or obstructions in the firewall, use this bracket to create a flat surface for mounting the pulley. 96-2316 8700-PBC Pulley kit 14-6437 8603 Break away cable BREAK AWAY CABLE A self-supporting, coiled design provides lift off the road surface while still allowing plenty of slack for cornering. Extends to eight feet and conveniently retracts for storage. Ideal for virtually any break away system. BRAKING SYSTEM ACCESSORIES 14-6438 650898 Break away switch, pin & ring 14-6439 200200-20 Pin & ring only 12-VOLT OUTLET KITS AIR CYLINDER STORAGE BAG Protect your air cylinder when you’re not towing. The storage bag is made of marine-grade vinyl, with a Velcro closure, and has two carrying straps. Approximate size: 26" w x 7½" h 14-6031 104 Air cylinder storage bag BREAK AWAY KITS TOWING Supplemental Brake Systems 22-36 2022