2022 RV Retail Catalog

Products 2022 Voyage RV Hand Held Shower Kit Made with premiummaterials, the Voyage RV kit offers amazing performance with its 4 spray settings featuring and additional pendulum setting and Smartpause® valve. Includes a 3M® adjustable wall mount and hose length reaches up to 72”. The Innovators In RV Faucet Design General Purpose Pumps • Thermal overload protection • Self-priming; easy-to-install • Ideal for winterizing See page 15-18 for more information. See page 15-14 for more information. 02-3567 28188 Chrome 02-3568 28488 Brushed Nickel 02-3569 28472 White 94-1644 8050-305-526 02-3332 8050-305-626 ArrowMax 2.0 UV-LED Water Purifier Eliminates up to 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses and cysts, offering safe drinking water straight out of your tap. Never worry about the quality of your water source ever again. See page 15-39 for more information. 03-2785 600-1464-66 Advanced Filter w/Smart Faucet 00-04