2022 RV Retail Catalog

Products 2022 Eclipse 190-watt Solar Flex™ MPPT Solar Kit Charge batteries faster and maximize your solar charging performance with the new ECLIPSE MPPT solar series. Durable, high performance flexible panel paired with an MPPT Solar Controller and Bluetooth® enabled remote/display. Also available in a rigid panel option. See page 10-13 for more information. 03-2767 83069 DuraPack Portable Battery Pack Handheld solar battery charging for mobile devices. Capable of charging cell phones up to 3 times per charge. Equipped with 2x USB ports, 8-watts of folding solar panels, LED status lights, and an integrated flashlight. Purchased and shipped in retail ready flat-packs of 10. Portable Power Stations Rechargeable battery-powered electricity to power almost anything you want, wherever you are. All SouthwireTM Portable Power stations provide: See page 10-17 for more information. See page 10-10 for more information. 03-2771 83000 03-3273 53250 30-amp MPPT Solar Controller Stackable and easy to use, Go Power! MPPT solar controllers optimize an RV’s solar charging in all sun and tilt conditions. Easy to install on their own with an optional Bluetooth® enabled remote, and compatible with all RV-C multiplexing systems, this MPPT solar controller offers superior flexibility and a 5-Year Warranty. See page 10-14 for more information. 03-2761 82890 00-05