2023 RV Retail Catalog

CONNECTIVITY AND TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY TravlFi Journey1 Wi-Fi LTE Hotspot P/N: ??????? MSRP $22900 • Portable Wi-Fi solution • Supports up to 5 devices • Installed premium Wi-Fi solution • Supports up to 32 devices *TravlFi data plan sold separately. TravlFi JourneyXTR VSIM Router P/N: ??????? MSRP $32900 A single plan gives you access to all major cellular carriers. The TravlFi hotspot and router automatically find and connect to the strongest signal, giving you the best possible 4G/LTE internet connection in the area. High Speed HDMI & Coax Cables 3ft Cable 72-0314 6ft Cable 72-0315 HDMI 12ft Cable 72-0316 25ft Cable 72-0317 6ft Cable 72-0318 12ft Cable 72-0319 COAX 25ft Cable 72-0320 50ft Cable 72-0321 100ft Cable 72-0322 Pace International also offers custom cable lengths upon request. New! TravlFi™ router and hotspot. Plug it in and connect to the internet with Pay As You Go data plans.* (Scan QR code to learn more) For more information contact your local dealer. ELECTRONICS HDMI Cables, Hotspot, Router PART #: 05-4336 PART #: 06-9162 - - - - - - - - - 12-14 2023