2024 RV Big Book

ADD-ON RV SENSOR RANGE SmartConnect • Monitor LP tank for remaining propane levels SmartSense Bluetooth Sensor • Monitor your tanks with this digital water level sensor Dipper Wired Sensor • Monitor the open/ close status of doors, windows, vents and some appliances SmartSecure Bluetooth Sensor • Complete SmartConnect Kit, Package includes, SmartSense, SmartTemp, SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit WIRELESS RV SENSOR RANGE SmartConnect TEAM BMPRO .COM *products are displayed in hang-cell blister packs SmartConnect Kit • Monitor tire pressure and temperature • Quick install kit included SmartPressure Bluetooth Sensor • Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures • Monitor temperatures in appliances SmartTemp Bluetooth Sensor SmartConnect is a range of sensors that monitor temperature, tire pressure, propane gas levels and more, all with one FREE app. SmartConnect can be used with existing BMPRO smart systems in your RV. 05-9036 SMARTC SmartConnect 1 x SmartSense, 1 x SmartTemp, 2 x SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit 05-9037 SMARTC-P SmartConnect Premium 2 x SmartSense, 2 x SmartTemp, 4 x SmartPressure, 1 x toolkit 05-9039 SMARTS SmartSense- 1 sensor 05-9040 SMARTS-P SmartSense Premium - 2 sensors 05-9041 SMARTT SmartTemp - 1 sensor 05-9038 SMARTP SmartPressure - 2 sensors 06-8859 SMARTSEC SmartSecure - 1 sensor 05-9029 DIPPER 2.5 Dipper 2.5 mtr cable length 05-9030 DIPPER 5.0 Dipper 5.0 mtr cable length 05-9031 DIPPER 7.5 Dipper 7.5 mtr cable length Designed for use with BMPRO smart systems: ELECTRONICS Wireless Monitor System 12-15